Constant monitoring of children's attendance

At The Python Hill Academy we view excellent attendance and punctuality as vitally important for the learning and progress of the children. Your child’s time at school is very valuable, they only get the chance once! It is therefore very important that they miss as little school as possible.

Research shows that children who have good school attendance are more likely to do well in the future. Regular attendance also helps children to develop their confidence and make and keep lasting friendships.

Improving Attendance remains one of our biggest target areas as an Academy and as such we celebrate good attendance. 


Promoting attendance and punctuality

At the end of each week the class with the highest attendance receive the attendance trophy to keep in their class for the following week. We have a racing track on the wall in the hall for each class. The class with the highest attendance moves their car along the track. 

Half Termly

Each half term, children that have been to school everyday get a 100% attendance certificate. 

An attendance prize is given out to each class each half term. A raffle ticket is chosen from each class box from the tickets the children have put in weekly. We give prizes such a book vouchers, tickets to the cinema or play center as well as games.

Thank you for your support in getting your child into school on time everyday.

From September 2013 the Principal no longer has the authority to authorise absences for the purpose of taking a family holiday except in exceptional circumstances. We therefore ask parents and carers to avoid booking holidays during term time. The school will be closed for an extra ‘Inset’ week each year. This will give parents/carers the opportunity to take a holiday during term time when there would be potential cost savings. As a result of this there will be a zero tolerance approach towards parents taking their children out of school at any other time. If however you believe there are exceptional reasons why your child needs to be absent from school you need to complete a Leave of Absence Application Form, which is available from our Attendance Officer.

A child who is absent from school for 2 weeks (10 days) will have less than 95% attendance for that year before taking into account any further days lost due to illness.

Where a child’s level or pattern of absences becomes a concern we will discuss this with the parent or carer and may involve the Targeted Support Service.

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